Thursday, April 27, 2017

CiM 437 Primavera and Comparison - Copper Green

CiMs Primavera - I keep thinking of this as Primaverde - which would make it "first green" - n'est pas? Anyway - I looked at this and thought it might be very similar in colour to Effetre Copper Green, but I was wrong. And not wrong. Read on.

 It's a nice, light, opaque, green, pretty, middle of the road, hue-wise.
 Here it is, side-by-side with copper green (on the left). The metallic blush on the copper green gives you the overall appearance of it being more yellow than it is. You can see that where the colour has stayed green, the green is a blueish green, which doesn't match the Primavera (on the right) at all. But the overall impression is quite harmonious - the two greens looking very nice together. Food for thought.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Comparison: CiM Troll, CiM Duck Egg, Effetre Copper Green

Color comparison. Resting in my hand is CiM Troll. Above it to the left is CiM Duck Egg. Above and to the right is Effetre Copper Green - with it's distinctive metallic sheen.

The Troll and the Copper Green are very close in color - the troll is a smidge bluer, I think, but does not have the metallic development. I can't speak to it's other reactive properties.

The three do look good together.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Why, readers of the last few posts might wonder, does she keep whinging about a light. Probably because you didn't see my posts about it on facebook, to whit:

Are compact fluorescents supposed to make a hissing noise and then start smoking?

Literally - smoke started pouring out of the light, and not a puff either, a sustained trail of truly, stunningly, vile-smelling burning electrical fire type smell.

This was not  just any light bulb, but one of the ridiculously expensive color balanced light bulbs, bought from a specialty photography site.

Hmmm. The smell was so awful, I had to put the light out in the garage for a while, even after removing and discarding the bulb. It did clean off, but hoo-boy - it was nasty.

This does demonstrate, however, that "it is all done with smoke and mirrors" - and once you let out the smoke ... it don't work no more. ;-)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Comparison: CiM Troll, Van Dyke, Safari, and Koala

The opaque neutrals/greys from the latest batch from CiM - the rods don't look very inspiring, but the results are far from ordinary.

From the left, 455 Troll, 727 Van Dyke, 726 Safari, and 823 Koala. 

 Again, from the left, 455 Troll, 727 Van Dyke, 726 Safari, and 823 Koala. 
Koala stays true-ist to grey - troll is sageier, and Van Dyke and Safari hove off into uncharted waters with desert colours. Or dessert colours if it is honey and caramel you are after.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

CiM 823 Koala

CiM Koala, in the rod, at my torch, looked like a warm brown, but here at my computer - it is more of a blue grey - pretty close to neutral though.

This light is screwing it up, because here it looks warm again. Maybe it is a color shift. (Wanders around house looking at it under various lights. Nah - I just really need to replace that light bulb.)

It was a bit shocky for me - but I did not have that large a sample, so I can't say if it is typical or not. It did look blueish while I was working it. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Comparison: CiM 727 Van Dyke vs CiM 726 Safari

Honestly - I can't tell them apart. Maybe Van Dyke (rod and 3 pieces on the left) retains a little more grey vs Safari (rod and 3 pieces on the right).

But functionally - I can't tell them apart. Maybe they work differently in beads.

They are beautiful, but they seem interchangeable to me - given their variability.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

CiM 726 Safari

If CiM's Van Dyke brown morphs from blue grey to autumn, well CiM's Safari morphs from a warm brownish grey to ... the same shades of autumn leaves.