Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Effetre 286 Avorio Verde Petrolio

Avorio Verde Petrolio - Ivory + Petroleum Green. The name pretty much says it all. Of course, ivory reacts with petroleum green like it does with any other copper-based colour - like turquoise - to create a grey demarcation line between the colours - an effect which can get a little out of hand with this glass if you really swirl it around and scumble it up.

 There is a lot of  variety in the rods, and if you look at the ends - that's pretty cool too. Hey - maybe slice up a rod for murrini?

Not so happy with this horse but you can definitely see the glass.

 Definitely a lot of that grey reaction thing happening.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Vetro 975 Cobalt Night Transparent

If I had to guess - I would say that this is a mis-melt of black. Hey - it happens. You make a big batch of chili, but something happens and it comes out different. It's still good, but doesn't really hit the mark of chili, so you call it Festive Beef Surprise, and serve it anyway. Thus, a new favorite is born. As you may remember - vetro black - pulled very thin, was a dark blue - vs the Effetre black which is a dark purple.

Cobalt Night is a blue so dark it is as near to black as dammit is to swearing.

It would probably be excellent in applications like stringers and murrini, or shards. I bet it would rock in shards!

 The rods only show the barest hint of blue right at an angle held up to very strong light - otherwise - they are convincingly black.
 This is a gravity wave bead - horizontal stripes on a base, and melt while slowly rotating until the stripes travel all the way around the bead.
 This will test the darkest glass!
 This is a core of Cobalt Night - rolled in psyche frit and reduced. Not really what I was expecting ...
 and some leaves ... which are pretty thin - and strongly illuminated.
 This one, a close up from the top - developed this colour mark after mashing - couple of them did this.

Same piece - severely overexposed to show the detail. 
 Pieces strongly backlit.
I think this would function pretty well as an alternate to black, have good possibilities for blowing or shards, and I think that reaction with the psyche deserves further investigation. ;-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

CiM 465 Oobleck

Oobleck - you may remember - Dr. Seuss - Bartholomew and the Oobleck - was a sticky green substance falling from the sky because the regular weather got too boring. Clearly - they were not subjected to Canadian weather, where, if you don't like the weather you can wait 10 minutes, and it will be different.

Oobleck is an opaque chartreuse - a fine complement to CiM Jelly Bean (and Chartreuse - if you have any). It is a real spring green shoot colour - lighter and yellower than Eff 212 Pea Green.

This is definitely a colour that is not in the current soft glass palette. This is a gorgeous addition to out colour choices - I'm really happy to see it! 

I am definitely looking forward to using this!

BTW - Oobleck is also a category of non-Newtonian fluid - that changes viscosity under pressure. It is a liquid when at rest but becomes a solid when subjected to pressure. Check out this Mythbusters segment ...

Monday, March 12, 2018

CiM 555 Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu - tabernac, eh? She is a beautiful colour, no?

Stereotypes aside, because I can NOT keep that up - sheesh! - This transparent blue from CiM - a replacement for the Neon Blue, is a beautiful, beautiful shade of blue, and exactly, EXACTLY, I say, matches the new colour that Swarovski is launching this spring called "Majestic Blue."

Exact match.

Think of that. You can make the beads to match the crystals, and make some amazing creations.

Sacre Bleu next to the new Swarovski Majestic Blue in faceted crystal beads and rhinestones.

It's blue - so you know I'm going to love it. Depending on the stats you read - 30% of the population agrees that blue is the best colour. You're hard put to go wrong with blue - unless it's food. Food should not, in general, be blue.  ;-)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trunk Show at BeadFX

I stopped doing shows some years ago - for various reasons - but I'm pretty excited about the new horse beads - so I'm going to do the BeadFX trunk show on April 7.

So maybe, if you are in the neighborhood - you'd like to come on down and fondle these for yourself?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

ASK 008 Berry Creamy

ASK 008 - Berry Creamy. ASK was a short-lived collaboration between Arrow Springs and Kugler glass. There is still some of it floating around.

I had seen some samples of Berry Creamy floating around that were a deep, rich purple, and so I decided to try some.

And I got this. Meh - like a dark violet with a lot of livering. Meh. 

It was so far off the colour I was expecting that I decided to try again. And got very different results. 

 It was not actually my intention to make a purple horse - I figured that the livered violet would make a decent dun colour, but most of the livering - the brownish areas, is restricted to areas that are in the valleys and folds. The rest is a fairly nice, bright purple.
 Raku (mostly) frit on the back.

I think this tells me something about some purples and the length of heating time. Frustrating if what you are trying to do is whack off a bunch of spacers

This is what he looked like just before going into the kiln. You can't really tell what colour he will be. Even the shading is different.

You can get the purple out of this colour - but it's going to take some time. And heat.